Zig Ziglar once said, “Efficiency is doing things right while effectiveness is doing the right thing.” In other to manage your time effectively well, you would need a proper understanding of then two, i.e both efficiency and effectiveness. Needless to say, it is in the time that everything happens. Hence, your success will depend on how well you are able to use time. here are a few tipson how to get much done in less time.

  1. Obligation scheduling:

How do you work out your schedule do you just picture in your mind’s eye what everything would work out or do you go ahead and implement them? Here’s the catch, it’s not enough to just mentally plan things in your head. Learn to make appointments with yourself and keep it as though you had an appointment with a client. Simply put, learn to replace “I may” with “I will.

2. Remember you are not in a competition:

Always remind yourself that you are not in competition with anyone. William Saroyan once said, “Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good as someone else.” So, rather than try to do everything yourself, learn to secure people’s cooperation and that way, you’ll end up doing much with less stress.

  1. Present focus:

Most times we get worn out by activities or spend too much time on a single activity, its not actually because of the activity but because of the way we approach the activity. Learn to eliminate everything that is not related to the task you have at hand. Don’t be the kind of person that would be talking about work when you should be dishing out romantic lines to your spouse, or browsing the net when should be listening to your lecturer

4. Effective efficiency:

To be effective, you have to do the best possible job in the least amount of time. How do you do this you may ask, it’s quite simple—do one thing at a time. The human brain was not built to multitask. For example, it would be much more difficult to read while watching a movie at the same time. It would be much wiser to read even if it was for a few minutes and then watch TV at a later time.

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