A Letter to 17/18

Dear 2017,

You know Nigerians saw hell

Many misfortunes…many discomforts

That your days…your hours brought


Your days was full of things:

The thing is corruption,

That eats up every soul.

The thing is dependency,

Though we thought, independent we are.

The thing is a world of nudity,

That devours humanity.


The thing is dogmatization by elites

That ought to raise every falling citizen

To a position of self dependence


Your days were full of booms,

That deafen man’s ear,

And scatter man’s heart.


Your days were wet with blood

Blood from every corner of the nation

Your nights were dark hours

Where evil doers shelter

Please carry your remains along

As you fade like air


Dear 2018,

Welcome to our new world

We have been expecting you,

Like a credit alert

To come along with fortunes


Your days should be fruitful

And your hours merciful


Don’t be intimidated

You have many riches

Please, come with them

And feed every family that witness thee


Come without booms…it is scary

You are even and he is odd

Come with many evens, please

In your days, dogmatization should collapse

So every citizen should collapse not.

Yes, you are older than yesteryear

Please don’t inherit its culture

For its culture, ignite knots

Tied between minds of different colors

Please, help pass the information to others

-Abdulganeey Toyyib

ASSON Editor-in-Chief Aspirant, 2017/18


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