I mean to one day be on cable news network, Not by chance but by sheer determination and hard work. I come from Africa where the land is green, Where the soil bubbles with original culture and the air with sound doctrine. I am prouly African and my skin is brown, And I’m surely not […]

Tell the Pop

        Go tell the Pope, To preach a message of hope, My people have become dirty amidst bars of soap, Oh!purge us with water and hyssop. I speak because something happened in my area, I’ve found the problem–mosquitoes suffer from malaria, Judges pass verdict and overlook criteria, Ever since I’ve been consumed […]

Take Me Home

Take me to Africa! I might not boast of technology or the latest car, But I want to preserve the colonial scar, Because there in lies the modern Africa’s star. I want the Africa of green bamboos, Devoid of alien taboos, An Africa of hope where we believe in the power of the “can do”. […]