Exams period is that time when we get to test all the knowledge we have acquired during the semester or session. Though this period is often associated with a lot of fear and uncertainty, this needn’t be the case. Here are a few tips/precautions to consider before sitting for any exam or test as the case may be.

GET A TIMER: Yes, exams are timed. No matter how well you might have read or acquired information, it is the quantity/quality of information you are able to deliver that matters in your exams. However, you would need a proper time consciousness to do so. This makes it pertinent for you to get at least a stop/wrist watch, so that you can assign specific amounts of time to questions. In a 2-hour exam for example, where you have to attempt at least four questions, assigning 25-minutes to each question wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, you may use the remaining 20-minutes to revise your work.  If you apply this principle, you would notice that at the end of the day you must have attempted almost all of the questions.

GO THROUGH ALL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS: During the semester or session, you must have been given one or two assignments as pertaining to a certain course. It is important to at least go through them before sitting for the exams as many questions are likely to stem from there.


GO THROUGH PAST QUESTIONS: Many exams follow similar patterns. Hence, a good understanding of the pattern of asking questions is very pivotal to the success of one in an exam. This is not to encourage you to depend solely on past questions to succeed in your exams but it is definitely a good part of the mix.

BROWSE THE INTERNET FOR QUESTIONS: You are button click away from giving yourself a mock test/exam. So why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You are most likely to come across questions you must have encountered on the internet in your exams.

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