Let Me Be

    Leave me for me Let me live for myself Leave me for who I am Don’t peep through my heart’s window Leave me to live to close it   I love to write Leave me as a writer Let my pen walk on the page Like it is walking an expressway Also read:Glorious […]

A Letter to 17/18

Dear 2017, You know Nigerians saw hell Many misfortunes…many discomforts That your days…your hours brought   Your days was full of things: The thing is corruption, That eats up every soul. The thing is dependency, Though we thought, independent we are. The thing is a world of nudity, That devours humanity.   The thing is […]


Hello Anger, Why do you occur to people? Is it when someone knocks at your doorstep? Or you love to appear any day, anytime?   Hello anger, Why do you put people’s life at risk? Is it to satisfy your surge? Or to blame who you are being expressed to?   Hello anger, Why do […]


Distance may be the king because My wings may be broken; And that may stop me from flying to you But my heart and soul, Will always be alive to wine and dine with you.   Most of my love messages May follow the air And I know many won’t get to you; But I’ll […]


I AM WOMAN Not defined only as an adult female human being. Nor by your standards or opinions Not even because I grow longer hairs on my head Or that my anatomical orientation differs. Far from what you see on TV in the 21st century.   I AM Strong and hardworking, I have insight and […]