Young lady, You look so pure, like Nigerian water So rare as precious diamond.   With every word, you speak of good and God At the sight of ugliness, Your eyes become River Niger–of tears.   You stand like Zuma rock Behind the despised truth At the cost of your thirsty throat.   Now young […]

O’ Poverty.

O the silent prison without walls That confines and consumes the innocent. Poverty, O’ Poverty……..When will you set them free? O’ Poverty… You have no form, no shape, no substance… What are you made of….O’ poverty Besides greed, greed, greed and forgotten hope? You walk ever so silently, on feet you do not have; yet […]


You had the desire to build a cart, But I wonder you shied away like a whining cat. You promised to buy a hat for her warming party, But you opted out when she invited you for a warm water bath. Her joy overflowed as you promised her marriage, Only for you to elope with […]


If you kill me, I’ll yet live It’s a hard truth that only the wise belief. If you steal from me, I’ll have more, For I have made a truce with war, and in brutality I have my succor. When alone is not lonely, The call of home is not even comely. Who to trust? […]

Glorious heritage.

Let’s cast our bounds asunder, We break to unite, I remain glued to the roots of my placenta.   Bring the talking drums, Tonight we witness the dance of the maidens, I choose to live in the midst of the dunder.   My ears be to hear the drum strokes, Sounds the African ancestry invokes. […]