Kelechi’s thoughts.

The first time I saw her, I had developed locomotor ataxia. Her beauty could make anyone but a blind man go wacko! Her eyes had the innocence of a dove. It was the first time my gauze had lasted so long on a female homosapien. In seconds, I was already thinking of what our first […]

Bimpe’s tears 2

Bimpe couldn’t believe it. Chief Otumba has asked for the unthinkable. How could he? He was old enough to be her father. He was her last option. How could he be so cruel? What should she do? Should she damn the consequences and accept Chief Otumba’s offer or should she guide her pride and watch […]

Bimpe’s tears

Her nystagmic eyes hovered up and down as it ran through the walls of Mr Otumba’s ultramodern office. It was indeed a site to behold. It boasted of a magnified wall TV,air conditioner, state of the art graphic designs, well cushioned seats amongst others .All these however meant little to Bimpe whose major concern was […]

Arome 2

Mama had just finished assuring Baba Ubgede of how that Ubgede will change and that it was only a matter of time. What however amazed me was the mannerism with which she spoke—she seemed quite certain that everything will be alright .It made me wonder if she negotiated with tomorrow before it came. During the […]


As mama untied the edge of her wrapper where she usually kept her money, she squeezed out a wad of old naira notes, and as she set to arrange the notes, she said: “My son, please when you get to school, make sure you concentrate on your studies, don’t focus your attention on girls,” her […]