Develop Confidence:5 Practical Strategies That Work.

“Confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s a result of something…hours and days and years of constant work and dedication.”

-Roger Staubach

I have come across individuals with superfluous talent, ability and potential, but funny enough, less than a hand full of them were able to go past just being “talented” to being successful. What was the missing ingredient you may ask, was it opportunity? Not at all. Was it support? Far from it! It was confidence! Nothing more, nothing less. It is little talked about. So, more often than not, a lot of people mistake it for pride or arrogance whereas in reality, they are grossly distinct.

Self confidence requires conquering the obstacle and limitation within in other to be able to conquer the ones without. Think about this, how on earth would any other person believe in you if you personally don’t believe in yourself? Point taken! It then means you are the first culprit in matters of low self esteem, underachievement and mediocrity—that’s the ultimate fruit lows self esteem matures into!

Below are five confidence-boosters to enhance your confidence and ultimately, your achievement level:

  1. Confidence Matters

The number one requirement for developing self confidence is to first of all understand that it matters. Success is about two things — knowing your worth, but also helping the world discover it. No matter how many special talents we may possess, if no one knows about them, what good does it do? How good is a writer that is never read, a speaker or singer that is never heard, or a drama artist that is never watched? Be proud of your talents or attributes and let them shine. However, don’t overdo it.  Nobody wants to be around a narcissists or a show-off. So, shine bright, and let the world find you by following your light.

  1. Believe in Your Own Uniqueness

Whatever it is you are going to do, remember that there are a thousand and one other persons already doing it. This is however not a call for you to shrink away and give up on your ambitions; it is only a pointer to the fact that, “if it can be done by one, it can be replicated by another.” Believing in your own uniqueness requires discovering those things which you are good at and channeling your energies at them. A lot of people think that being confident is the same thing as being a wholly perfect person, but that has not proven to be the case. Confidence comes by discovering your strengths/uniqueness and leveraging on them rather than focusing on your weaknesses. Peter Drucker said, “The aim of business is to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths.”  For Asa, it was the ability to sing, for Chimamanda Adichie it was the ability to tell stories, for Florence Chadwick it was the ability to swim, for Paul Gauguin it was the ability to paint, for Usain Bolt it was the ability to run……Discover yours!

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  1. Become an Expert—Work with Authority!

The most natural way to emit confidence is when it’s done from the position of authority or as an expert. We all tend to pay close attention to such individuals and believe pretty much everything they say because they “know their stuff.” James Allen said, “Above all, be of a single aim; have a legitimate and useful purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it.”

Building in-depth knowledge will certainly gain us lots of good points with others; mainly, in the form of respect and appreciation. “Knowing our stuff” will also breed confidence as it makes us better prepared to face the world, to weather adversities, and to combat self doubt. Having a degree of expertise on an issue creates a scenario where people approach with problems in your field of expertise—that’s where success starts! Goethe said, “Before you can have something, you must first be something.”

  1. Develop a Values System and Live Consistently With It

Developing a value system is pivotal to developing self confidence. Having principles, ideals and clear lines that separate what is acceptable from what is not is a good confidence booster. Even the choice to stay around positive people who will spur you to soar and chase your dreams is a part of the value system building endeavor. Another one could be simply developing a habit of setting goals or setting priorities for everything you want to do. In a recent study covering twenty five years of business history, it was found that companies that had clearly written values to which everyone ascribed had earned an average of 700 percent greater profits than those who didn’t. Who says this can’t apply to individuals as well?

  1. End-of-The-Movie-Exercise

This is a wonder working tool in building self confidence prior to any confidence-demanding activity. It is very simple and works thus:

Imagine that you came into your living room and meet your family members watching a movie which has only 15 more minutes before it ends. You decide to watch the movie with them even though you know it will soon end. After watching the end of the movie, you replay it so you can watch the movie all over again. This time around, the plot of the movie doesn’t tense you, neither do you get caught up in drama and suspense; on the contrary, you watch the movie with remarkable peace and calm. Why is this so? The reason is simple—you have seen the end!

You can apply this to almost everything you do. You can manufacture you own self-confidence simply by imagining and believing that no matter what happens, everything will turn out perfect in the end.

What other methods can be used to boost confidence?


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