Let Me Be



Leave me for me

Let me live for myself

Leave me for who I am

Don’t peep through my heart’s window

Leave me to live to close it


I love to write

Leave me as a writer

Let my pen walk on the page

Like it is walking an expressway

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I am pregnant

Pregnant of words

Let me deliver them

Leave me as a mother

Mother of words


Leave me to cry

My eye soaks

The tear is raining

On the sheet painted with ink

Leave me as I am

For I know how to weep



I am lost

Leave me to be

Let me find myself

For I know where I am

Leave me, as I am lost

Let me wander around like air

For I know how lost I am when writing


I am a bee

Leave me as a bee

For I know how busy I am

Whenever I sight a honeycomb

Leave me to feed on it

For I know how I feed on words


I am a killer

Let me be a killer

For I know how I am

Whenever I strangle my pen

Leave me to kill it

Let me be a killer

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I am water

Leave me undisturbed

Let me settle

For I know how settle I am

Whenever I bleed my pen on the sheet


Leave me for me

let me live for myself

Let me write

For I know I am a writer


By Moh’d Toyyib Abdulganeey

ASSON Editor-in-Chief Aspirant 2017/18

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