My last letter

Jide walked into the room from the laundry where he had gone to rinse the cup which he intended to use for taking garri. Displeasure and frustration clearly written on his face, Jide let out the bomb. “Why won’t she ever pick my calls? Is it not my credit I’m using to call her?” “Yes […]

The val vallain

Chucks raced to his Suleiman room of four which was stocked up like a sausage because it boasted of twelve occupants. At first they were actually five, as only him and Ayo shared a bed space and the rest of the room members each had a bed space to themselves. Something went wrong and an […]

Mean,Manly Macho

  Fierce was his countenance and the arrival of him could only create one emotional atmosphere–fear! The edge of his beards looked like the sharpened edge of swords used by Persian warriors. His gait was that of a threatening beast–the giant African elephant. His voice had the cracking of thundering lightening. There he was,full of […]


I mean to one day be on cable news network, Not by chance but by sheer determination and hard work. I come from Africa where the land is green, Where the soil bubbles with original culture and the air with sound doctrine. I am prouly African and my skin is brown, And I’m surely not […]

Tell the Pop

        Go tell the Pope, To preach a message of hope, My people have become dirty amidst bars of soap, Oh!purge us with water and hyssop. I speak because something happened in my area, I’ve found the problem–mosquitoes suffer from malaria, Judges pass verdict and overlook criteria, Ever since I’ve been consumed […]