Reading is one of those powerful human inventions that can never be overestimated. In one of posts i discussed the amazing benefits of reading and this year, it is my sincere hope that you cultivate a very rigorous reading culture. Below are amazing quotes on reading to steer you towards achieving this aim. Enjoy the […]

A must read: inspiring quotes from African entrepreneurs.

What exactly drives entrepreneurs; why do they exude so much courage and positivity? What makes them thick? Is it a quest for money, a pursuit of passion or a desire to make a change? To answer this or at least to attempt these questions are 22 well chosen quotes from entrepreneurs across Africa. We sure […]

Let Me Be

    Leave me for me Let me live for myself Leave me for who I am Don’t peep through my heart’s window Leave me to live to close it   I love to write Leave me as a writer Let my pen walk on the page Like it is walking an expressway Also read:Glorious […]

Develop Confidence:5 Practical Strategies That Work.

“Confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s a result of something…hours and days and years of constant work and dedication.” -Roger Staubach I have come across individuals with superfluous talent, ability and potential, but funny enough, less than a hand full of them were able to go past just being “talented” to being successful. What […]